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DRASA: Train and Equip 500 Health Workers to Fight COVID-19

KINABUTI: Orile Food Aid - Help us raise ₦1,830,000 to sustain 610 families

FDHIC: Mobile Testing Booth – Help Us Build More to Protect 800 Healthcare Worker

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With all the uncertainty and loss surrounding the recent coronavirus pandemic, the best we can do for ourselves is to stay home, stay safe and follow guidelines from the Government and medical experts. However, there are many people in our communities who have been badly affected by this pandemic. For some, their source of livelihood has been taken away as a result, while others have little or no access to adequate protection and care.

We can all do our part to get help to these people and the health workers who are putting their own lives at risk in order to ensure our overall safety.

By donating towards any of our corona virus fundraising campaigns, you are helping the organizations working closely with these groups of people to provide the much-needed support and aid.

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